Walking is the most essential activity for a healthy living. Studies show that a 30 minute 
walk everyday improves immune system, lowers blood pressure, helps in reducing weight,
protects from arthritis, and helps in lowering the 
risks of heart attack. The only equipment
you need for walking is just a pair of premium quality sandals, why not 
walk with a slay
of comfort? Here are our recommended walking sandals for women with perfect arch support 
and premium comfort.  

Why Camouflage?

It is mostly worn by women who seek for sandals which completes their bold look.
Camouflage’s design 
is such that it makes every women fall for it. Its theme of colors
is so mesmerizing that it blends with  
any surrounding; furthermore, its orthotic insole
supports any type of feet whether medium or high arch.

Size Chart available: USA, UK, MEXICO, EUROPE

Why Tuck?

This is ready-to-go pair of sandals for all energetic and active women. The
design of tuck is such that 
it makes your life hassle-free. Furthermore, its orthotic
insole keeps the debris away allowing your 
feet to stay fresh all day long. Step out
with Tuck and slay in confidence and style.

Size Chart available: USA, UK, MEXICO, EUROPE

Why Dart?

Women are in love with this footwear because of its attribute of breathability. The
style of Dart  
is such that it allows your feet to breathe in all possible manners which
enables your feet to 
stay dry and provides all the day comfort to your feet.

Size Chart available: USA, UK, MEXICO, EUROPE

Why Freedom?

Freedom’s style statement is adored by women who love trendy colors and designs.
Feet paired with Freedom makes you a dapper wherever you go. Its additional attributes
include: orthotic insole, Polyurethane material, faux-leather, breathability and durability.

Size Chart available: USA, UK, MEXICO, EUROPE

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