Phew!!!!!....It was such a long and tiring day, I have been up since 5:00 a.m,went for morning walk, 
kissed the grass, tasted the dust, then came home, but my job never ends.

Sigh!!!!.... I wonder how you never get tired of me… Be it your home, shopping malls, office, even your washroom :-p ….
I always accompany you almost everywhere and REMAINED UNDER YOUR FEET… Always been your partner in all
WALKS OF LIFE and journeys, took every step with you, regardless of the fact where those steps led to and not to
forget I am a prominent part of your personality too.

No wonder you find extremely comfortable to walk with me and yes you have guessed it right. I am your SANDAL..

Through this story we’ve got a glimpse of life of sandals and observed that how essential this common, yet important
product is in each and every aspect of life. Moreover, the challenges it has to face in everyday routine can be observed
in this story. 
Therefore, it can be concluded that the life of sandal in not a piece of cake, it needs to be rough and tough,
but not compromising on the level of comfort which it provides to its owners.