Being an adventurous mother of two, I have been on the go most of my life. Exploring every nook and corner of messed up parks, mad dash at shopping centers, hoarded from the stampede on the zebra crossing and above all the wooshing marathon of the car flooded road. All these and more were an expedition I prepared myself every day for.


 Laced up in my armor to be prepared for the battle, believe me it is a battle - when people look at me they might really do think that. I’m a very precautious person but this incident took place just a few months back. I was rushing to catch subway train and just on the first step it happened, I was deeply sopping in the pain that brought tears in my eyes. 


 My heels (can’t even call them heels now) got separated from my old fashioned shoe twisting my feet and with that sprain I got the idea that my preparations were not maximum ones. Thanks to dear Lord I found my savior just close to me and since that day onwards I cannot even think about parting from them. Want to know about my savior? Really? Most of you must be known to them, they’re – AEROSOFT. Trust me the feeling I get after wearing them is – c’mon rocky zigzag mounting roads you can’t stop me now.


 There is something special about donning a pair of Aerosoft’s soft footwear, you’ll smitten with them and would not trade them for anything. The look, comfort and style made me love them that much more as if they were created for me alone. Just try it and see!

What grab the attention most about these footwear for women is the wide variety of designs and how different they are. They staple in the fashion crowd as they own the floor.  They are the most beautiful version of snug, I doubt this style will be going anywhere anytime soon. The pretty darns are versatile, but the bonus details on the sandals gives them much more unique and comfortable look and feel.


Why try something else when you are sure that these are the sandals for me and hurt your feet. Now with kids on my both the sides I always and in all circumstances, wear comfortable Aerosoft’s low price footwear. You never know when you may have to run for the chase. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s your feet in your most bumpy footwear.