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Fashion trends are transforming fast enough that it is hard to take hold of them. Especially footwear that is getting trendier and more uncomfortable by passing days. The eccentric yet intriguing fashion trends are spreading like wildfire. Trends like Lady Gaga’s armadillos, Kardashian transparent heels, and Beyoncé’s heelless shoes have started such fiasco of discomfort that is promoting an unhealthy fashion.

Fortunately, you don’t have to chase the quick-paced fashion that is neither attractive nor healthy for your feet. Comfort is what completes a great outfit, and pointy stilettos can never add that serene and comfortable look to your outfit. Finish off your ensemble with such sandals that make you look cute and comfortable at the same time. There are numerous footwear that are chic enough to give any heel a run for its money. Plus point is that these sandals are comfortable and are created to tend to podiatric health.

Have a look at different types of sandals that are chic and comfortable:

  1. Strappy Sandals

A combination of edgy style and sophistication, women strappy sandals are everyone’s favorite. It is the kind of sandal that is capable of amplifying any outfit. Synthetic leather straps adjoined together to form a comfortable flat creates a strappy sandal. They are suitable for people of all ages, which makes them a versatile sandal. Whether it is a double strap, tri-strap or multi-strap sandal, they are every bit stylish and fashion-forward. You can easily pair your favorite strappy sandals with jeans or daily casual outfits. They have the ideal casual look that any other sandal lacks. Indulge in the idyllic feel of strappy sandals to add an edge to your boring outfits. Opt for neutral colors to make them more versatile and wear casually!



  1. T – Strap Sandals

Obvious from the name, these sandals have an upper, which is created in the form of the T shape. Sometimes, completed with a slingback, these sandals are extremely versatile. Recently, t – strap flat sandals have become the royalty of casual footwear. They look perfect on casual, daily wear, and formal outfits as well. Many celebrities have debuted t strap flat sandals on the red carpet due to its chic and classy look. The flat sandals with some embellishment on the upper make for ideal party wear. It is the trendy exterior that makes these different types of sandals ideal for any occasion and any outfit. Women T strap sandals in bright colors with glimmering embellishments are the perfect sandals for parties, red carpet, and even for a wedding event. You don’t want to sulk around in uncomfortable footwear on your own wedding.



  1. Slingbacks Sandals

Looking for something trendier? Women slingbacks are those sandals that will put an end to your quest. Any type of sandal with a strap that goes across the heel and secures on the side with the help of a small buckle. They are perfect for people who struggle with body posture and other foot pain conditions. There are many different types of sandals that are comfortable, but nothing compares with the comfort of thong sandals with ankle strap. The ankle strap doesn’t serve only one purpose of providing support, it actually adds a chic and trendy look to an outfit. If you are wearing a short skirt, denim shorts, or a sheath dress, these sandals add detail to your legs, making you look taller and sophisticated. Choose a slingback sandal in classic black color to make it a permanent part of your office wear.



  1. Orthotic Flip Flops

Flip flops are not the healthiest choice when it comes to summer casual flats. But what else are you supposed to wear? We have got you covered. Orthotic flip flops are your ideal alternative for regular flip flops. Normally flip flops have an extremely rigid, floor flat, and shallow footbed, which makes them a poor choice for sensitive feet. To ensure that your foot has a good time as well while you enjoy your summer, choose orthotic sandals flip flops. They come in fun colors to suit your summer outfit. The insole of these flip flops is extremely elaborated to cup your heel, massage the ball of your foot, and provide breathable space for your toes. Their water-resistant feature makes them perfect for summer beach days.



  1. Platform Sandals

Fan of heels? Worry no more. Casual women platform sandals are the dream alternative for high heels. Their thick yet comfortable heel adds an ample amount of height while keeping you at ease all day. The days of uncomfortable heels are gone, platform sandals are here to save the day!

You can easily buy casual platform sandals in a different style of upper to add a stylish look to your formal outfits. Whether it is strappy upper, ankle strap or t strap flat sandals, different types of sandals designs are available in a platform heel. They ensure heel and style, all at the same time.


  1. Thong Sandals

Thong sandals, recently, have become a celebrity favorite casual wear. As more TV personalities and movie stars are becoming cognizant of the importance of podiatric health, they are opting for different types of sandals that are anatomically developed to suit the needs of sensitive feet. Women thong sandals, as it turns out, have secured the top stop on the list of many celebrities. Due to their breathable open toe feature, comfortable footbed, and convenient toe post style, these sandals are making a permanent space in the wardrobes of many. Choose open toe sandals to elevate your comfort game by providing your heels with the support they need.




Apart from slides, there are so many different types of sandals for casual wear. But most of the people only go for slides as they are the most common style. We have gathered unique and feminine designs of sandals that you could for this season! From T-strap to dual-strap sandals, there are various trends that you could opt for!

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Top 6 Different Types of Sandals To Improvise Your Fashion Statement
There are so many different types of sandals for casual wear. But most of the people go for top 6 types of sandals as they are the most common style.
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