Telly - Womens Slide Sandals - HL1201 - Original Aerosoft

Telly - Womens Slide Sandals - HL1201 - Original Aerosoft

Strippy - Women's Thong Sandals - A0870 - Original Aerosoft

Strippy - Women's Thong Sandals - A0870 - Original Aerosoft

Sandy - Women's Thong Sandals - S4802 - Original Aerosoft

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Sandy Women's Thong Sandals

Planning to hit the beach, but don’t have suitable footwear? Worry no more, the sandy (S4802) womens thong sandals are created specifically to accompany you on your beach days to provide you protection from water and other minor injuries. Comfort shouldn’t come at the price of fashion as you can be comfortable within your skin while wearing fashionable footwear. These cute thong sandals are a real life example of fashion and comfort in one place. The floral footbed exudes feminine vibes, whereas the upper and the stage of these sandals are extremely sturdy which will help you remain active all day long.

Sandy Arch Support Sandals

Prone to plantar fasciitis, over pronation and heel spurs, a low arch sits close to the ground. It is a rare type which adds to the flexibility of the foot. An ideal thong sandal with arch support should have a footbed that is soft and helps in aligning the arch to prevent misbalance.

Style Thong Sandals

The breezy and light structure of comfortable thong sandals is perfect for the summer heat. Engross yourself in the idyllic universe of comfort by donning womens thong sandals. The flexible yet resilient upper of these sandals accentuate the natural curves of your feet making them look attractive and putting you at ease all day long.

Water Resistance

The moment waterproof sandals womens come into contact with water or moisture, they dry very fast in the sun. Just be sure to get the best waterproof sandal that won't quickly fall apart due to being taken in/out of the water.

Sandy S4802 Thong Sandals for Women Features

• The heel measures approximately 0.5”
• The width of the platform from the midfoot is 3.75”
• These sandals weigh around 0.61 lbs
• Offered in whole sizes and runs true to size.
• Sizes available are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
• Low heel – cup to support hindfoot, aiding in proper alignment of posture
• Available colors: Red, green, turquoise, orange
• Supports medium arches
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