Aerosoft A0825 gliterrati womens thong sandals gold

Gliterrati - Womens Thong Sandals - A0825 - Original Aerosoft

Eudora - Women's T Strap Sandals - HL1204 - Original Aerosoft

Eudora - Women's T Strap Sandals - HL1204 - Original Aerosoft

Strippy - Women's Thong Sandals - A0870 - Original Aerosoft

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Strippy Women's Thong Sandals

Show off your flawless style this season with Aerosoft’s light-weight and sophisticated sandal. Strippy (A0870) is a perfect and versatile sandal to add class to your wardrobe. Its PU synthetic sole allows your feet to breathe and your toes to move freely. The abrasion resistant factor is a treat for people who are active and athletic. The arch of these women’s thong sandals supports high arches ensuring that you remain carefree all day. The footwear has a unique construction, and each aspect of this footwear is designed to decrease the pain and minimize other podiatric health issues. Medium U – shaped hind foot hollow surface aids in alignment of better posture and gives complete grip with the surface. Hurry and show some love to your feet with this classy and colorful sandal.

Strippy Arch Support Sandals

High arch is a rare type found in only 20% percent of people. This arch is rigid, well defined and relies most of the pressure on rearfoot and forefoot which sometimes result in Plantar Fasciitis, metatarsalgia, etcetera. Opt for Thong sandals with arch support and a midsole that sits higher from the ground

Style Thong Sandals

The breezy and light structure of comfortable thong sandals is perfect for the summer heat. Engross yourself in the idyllic universe of comfort by donning women’s thong sandals. The flexible yet resilient upper of these sandals accentuate the natural curves of your feet making them look attractive and putting you at ease all day long.

Water Resistance

The moment waterproof sandals women’s come into contact with water or moisture, they dry very fast in the sun. Just be sure to get the best waterproof sandal that won't quickly fall apart due to being taken in/out of the water.

Strippy A0870 Thong Sandals for Women Features

• The heel measures approximately 1”
• The width of the platform from the midfoot is 3.7”
• The polyurethane sole is made abrasion-resistant.
• These sandals weigh around 0.8 lbs
• Offered in whole sizes and runs true to size
• Sizes available are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
• Deep heel – cup to support hindfoot, aiding in proper alignment of posture
• Available colors: Black, Brown, Red
• Linear patterned outsole
• Ideal for high arches
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