Pyrim - Womens Platform Sandals - LS5712 - Original Aerosoft

Pyrim - Womens Platform Sandals - LS5712 - Original Aerosoft

Yarrow - S6001 - Women Thong Sandals - Original Aerosoft

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Yarrow Women's Thong Sandals

Grab a pair of these versatile and cute thong sandals Yarrow (S6001) sandal for women in a variety of vibrant colors. Yarrow has a flattering style that looks great on everybody. It offers modern features without compromising on the classic style. Additional features include breathability, durability, and orthotic insole. It’s a beautiful combination of comfort and fashion which will boost your walk and your self-esteem. It’s an exotic treat for your aching feet. The arch of these womens thong sandals are highly supportive for medium arches. The stage of these sandals is composed in floral shapes which aid in targeting pressure points while maintaining its chic vibe. Leather strap sandals with fine hemming throughout. Trust the fashionable features of these comfortable thong sandals to take your style up a notch.

Yarrow Arch Support Sandals

Medium arch is considered to be biomechanically efficient due to the moderately defined arch. A large number of people have medium arches which make it the most common type. This type of a designer thong sandals with arch support has an efficient shock absorption, and cushion soft foot bed.

Style Thong Sandals

The breezy and light structure of comfortable thong sandals is perfect for the summer heat. Engross yourself in the idyllic universe of comfort by donning womens thong sandals. The flexible yet resilient upper of these sandals accentuate the natural curves of your feet making them look attractive and putting you at ease all day long.

Water Resistance

Get ready for any water adventure. These water sandals for women can handle the splashes if you hang out by the pool, beach or lake. These best waterproof sandals provide you a comfortable dry movement with the water draining system.

Yarrow S6001 Thong Sandals for Women Features

• The heel measures approximately 0.6”
• The width of the platform from the midfoot is 3.6”
• The polyurethane sole is made abrasion-resistant.
• These sandals weigh around 0.62 lbs
• Offered in whole sizes and runs true to size
• Size available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
• Medium heel – cup to support hindfoot, aiding in proper alignment of posture
• Available colors: Black, Red, Tan
• Abstract outsole
• Appropriate for medium arches
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